QUAD BIKE NEPAL (QBN) is adventure-tourism-based service/ activity which is established in the year 2019 with the motive to promote adventure-tourism in the Regional Nepal. The brand is operated and owned by "The Adventure Gears P. Ltd.". This is an environment friendly adventure Sports Company specializing in offering adventure trips and extreme sports while focusing on natural conservation. The main attention and mission of this company is to fulfill and deliver sustainable and responsible eco-friendly sports at the beauty of Nepal's landscape and asset. The conservation and restoration of nature is the guiding force behind each trip, so part of our income is also dedicated to good causes supporting the environment. 

Considering the demand of Nepal's Beauty in the Globe, this operation is to provide adventure - sport, riding packages, and historic or regional tours to people from all over the world, serving their needs for adventure and extreme sport in eco-friendly way. "We are the link between people and great adventure". We  offer a variety of different extreme sports catering to customers’ skills and desires while also providing accommodation when required. Our ride will take travellers in the most stunningly beautiful and exciting places offering them opportunities to experience local cultures in the most authentic way by participating, while spicing up the trip with variety of activities provided to the interests of our rider. We offer opportunity to influence the world of travel by choosing to travel green with us. Since adventure travellers demand unspoiled nature for their travel destinations and support environment friendly way of travelling, Quad Bike Nepal promotes this cause. Travelling with us, our customers get to vote or witness the sustainable travel.

We have head office in Bhimsengola Chowk, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu and the Adventure destination is Chitlang.

Chitlang is an organic village with the organic life-style of living. It is located at Makwanpur district Chitlang VDC. CHITLANG is about 22 KM from Kathmandu in the South West direction. Before Opening of TRIBHUWAN RAJPATH (High way to link India and Kathmandu), CHITLANG was only one “On foot Highway” to get India and the Southern part of Nepal. Normally, motors carry people; it is only the place in the world, where motors used to carry by people because there was not road Kathmandu valley and BHIMPHEDI (a place near Terai Region of Nepal).

There are lots of evidences, which show that there was civilized society in ancient centuries. Many temples with amazing wood and stone carving, artistic rest houses, stone taps, available inscription of centuries long are the proof of those civilized society.

This village is surrounded by beautiful green forest, which consists of more than 160 species of birds and animal. The large green fields are added attraction of Chitlang. There is a big Apple garden with more than thousand apple trees. Few cottages have been constructed recently in between the garden, which provide the excited stay to the tourists.

It offers an amazing experience with the combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Famous as the gate way of motor cars carried on the back of people. Chitlang offers visitors with an opportunity of village home stay where you can interact and get insight of the rural life in Nepal. The hills of Chitlang offer one of the best hiking/ trekking around Kathmandu. Chitlang boasts of 160 bird species and bird watching is something you can enjoy here. Camping and cycling here provides you an opportunity of getting closer to the un-disrupted ecology in the locality. The largest man made lake of Nepal, Kulekhani (also known as Indrasarovar) is a short walk of 40 minutes from Chitlang.