About Quad Bike

quad “four (4)” +‎ bike “bicycle”. From being a 4-wheeled quadri-cycle; it is a vehicle that can be ridden astride like a dirt bike (“motorcycle”) or (like a bicycle).

International policies have strictly catagorized this vehicle as a off-road vehicle also a ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE (ATV). This justifies ATV not to be driven in public roads which is accessed by other transports. ATV can only be used for entertainment/ recreation/ adventure purpose specifying certain trail within the area or where there is less locomotion covering the terrain surfaces.

There is no requirement of licence for the rider or either this vehicle need any registration process or number plate.

The reason behind ATV  not being road legal is that they lack safety features like airbags, seat-belts and other safety systems. In short, its strictly OFF-ROAD.